Get to know the Steampunk Photo Concept

For Ira Anggraini (28), tattoos are art. That’s why he deliberately decorate his right back to his hands with a tattoo since he was studying at one of the private universities in Bandung.

But not everyone has the same judgment as himself about tattoos. Even some people think a woman is not worth tattooing.

It also makes him confused to find the concept of a fitting picture when going to pre wedding and wedding.

“Actually I want to highlight my tattoo when prewed, but ga nemu concept that fits. Though my husband and tattoo enthusiasts, “he told, not long ago.

Finally he resigned to the circumstances. He took pictures with similar concepts prewed and other nikahan, which highlight the romantic and beauty. Tattoo was finally covered the dress to look more graceful.


Ira is not the first person to experience this. The originator of GFS Pro, Andrian Kusumadiharja tells many colleagues experienced similar things.

Moreover, some people give negative stigma in tattooed people. They judge a tattoo of a bad thing, thugs, and other negative things.
“Tattoos are art. In fact in the concept of steampunk photos, the tattoo is highlighted. If during this time the person who will prewed or nikahan cover his tattoo with a scarf or whatever. So we deliberately explore the tattoo, “said Andrian.

Andrian recounts, from a number of literature, steampunk is a genre that appeared before the cowboy era in America. His trademark is on a long hat, and various knick-knacks of copper. Because at that time, people worked in mining.

Essentially, steampunk is an art or design inspired by 19th century industry, one of which is represented by a steam engine.
Steampunk, continued Andrian, was inspired by the use of steam power that was widely used during the British era in the Victorian or Wild West era in America. That is why steampunk works often feature technology and smells of futuristic.

However, the concept used by Andrian and his community combines steampunk with Indonesian culture. For example from clothing. In addition to incorporating elements of copper, clothing with the concept of steampunk is mixing with the batik in some parts.

Likewise with make up artist. In addition to strengthening the concept of steampunk, tattoos will be made more beautiful look shiny. To strengthen the concept, antique cars can complement the story in the photo.
“There are many elements that are needed for maximum results. Teams that take care of once shooting can be a lot. At least there are photographers, choreographers, wardrobe, designers, makeup artists, and others, “he said.

Moreover, the photos he uses really minimize editing. Because lately he noticed, more photography play editing, so the impression of the picture is less able. In contrast to himself and his friends who rely heavily on the ability in photography.

“That’s why it takes a very mature concept. I have a few times sad when someone thinks that photographer is just a photographer. Though the photo was told. The photo requires a story board to get the most out of it, “he said.
With this concept, continued Adrian, the tattoo will make the owner look more beautiful, artful, and has a character.

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